Add multiple numbers to a repeat / Volta

• Mar 8, 2022 - 09:05

HI all - I would like to have a first ending but make it the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, ending.

First attempt:
I typed in the 2 through 5 numbers (image attached)
Problem: The line skips away from me when I try to couple the numbers next to the "1."

Second attempt:
Pls note: I tried the following documentation to no avail:
You can change the text and many other properties of a volta bracket using the line properties dialog. Right-click on a volta bracket and choose Line Properties.... The figure below shows the volta text as "1.-5.""
Problem: I can't edit the Volta/ ending

Third attempt:
I write to you with this request on how to do it.


Why are you looking at the handbook for the outdated version 2.x?
Anyway: voltas are alternative endings of a repeat.

But, you'd not only added the "2.3.4." as a staff text rather than the volta's Beginn text, you also left the volta's play list at "1" (should be "1,2,3,4) and the playcount of the measure with the end repeat barline at 2 (should be 5)

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That's just what came up with a search - I try to find existing support before creating a new post.
1. I type the following words into my address bar:
"Edit Volta"
2. handbook for the outdated version 2.x appears in search results
3. I tried the instructions and they didn't work
4. I created this post

If you can provide steps on how to add a 2., 3., and 4, after the 1. in the first ending, that would be terrific.

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