Unable to set sound font file in latest nightly build R.2303

• Nov 6, 2009 - 04:28

I installed Windows nightly build R.2303 this evening and the first thing I notice is that going to edit/preferences/i/o the section to define the sound font file is missing. The build defaults to the piano only font to play all instruments. This appears to be the same in Prerelease 0.9.6 Revision 2205:2296 build. Since I installed this over the 0.9.5 release it appears to have picked up the soundfont from the previous preferences. I did a check of edit/prefeences/i/o in prerelease 0.9.6 and indeed the space to define the font file is missing.

Keith McKenna


In 0.9.6, the soundfont combo has moved to Display->Synthesizer. You have more control over the soundfont, with Master Gain, Tuning, reverb etc... Check it out.

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