Thumb and Mute symbols far too small

• Mar 15, 2022 - 11:51

I often use the thumb and mute symbols, however they are always too small, when used directly from the default palettes.
How can I change the standard size of these symbols, so that they are visible at a normal cello-playing distance (around 1 to 1.25 metre)?
Also, they sometimes appear on the stave, rather than above it - and so have to be moved.
I did manage to create my own mute symbols for my palette, but, when I use them, they sit on the note or stave (even though I created them by placing them in a useful position), and also, when in the palette there is a large empty space below the symbol - annoying as I try to keep palettes as small as possible, to maximize availability of items I use frequently.
Things seem to vary between operating system - and it may be something to do with changes I have made to the score - but I don't think so!
Many thanks.


Try using a different Musical Font, one where those glyphs meet your needs?
Actually those mute symbols are just that, symbols, not on any palette other than the master palette's symbol palette, and as such without any meaning to MuseScore, hence their position directly at the element thex got added to.
You could add them to a score, adjust their offset and then add them to a custom palette for later use.
The thumb symbol is in the Fingering palette and positioned correctly when used from there.
That won't change their size though.

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I have looked at the other fonts, but they didn't seem any larger. Managed to import my images, but couldn't persuade the items to go where I put them, when originally saved. Perhaps that just isn't possible! I did try changing the position in Inspector view, but... , and I did put them in a custom palette. Perhaps I just didn't do it in the right way!
Thanks for replying so quickly.

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