Playback stops after one measure or ignores repeats

• Mar 18, 2022 - 23:24

I used the Import pdf function and have a score with the typical errors that I always have to correct. But, when I try to playback the song it stops after the first measure. If I turn off the 'Play Repeats' function it will continue past the first measure, but then it ignores the repeats. There is no visible repeat at the end of the existing first measure. I inserted a new first measure with a few notes and it will play that first measure and stop.


My Crystal ball is currently under repair... So no wild guesses

Check the repeat barlines, the properties of the measure(s) with the end repeat barline(s), and the voltas' repeat lists.
Also all jump instructions (D.{S|C}.( al {Coda|Fine}]) and jump markers (Coda, To Coda, Segno, Fine)

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