Format score, 4 measures per line

• Mar 20, 2022 - 22:52

I am trying to format my score so that it will appear with four evenly spaced measures on each line. Musescore has a mind of its own. If it places five or more measures per line it is an easy fix to places the cursor over the bar line and press the enter key. If Musescore decides it should be three or fewer measures there is no way to adjust it. We are stuck, sometimes, with only the one measure on the line despite there fact, there is room for many more measures. There is no obvious way to increase to measure count on the line.

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MuseScore puts as many measures per system as actually fit given your current settings for staff size (Format / Page Settings) as well as measure spacing and minimum note distance distance (Format / Style / Measure). So as mentioned, adding breaks will allow you to limit to only four if desired (and use Format / Add/Remove System Breaks to do this all in one step).

If however your current size and spacing settings are too big for the music you are trying to enter, you'll need to reduce one of these - no getting around the laws of physics there. Your example here doesn't have any issues with that, but if you tried filling these measures with sixteenth, you would need to reduce something to make it fit. POeople often suggest using the "stretch" adjustment to reduce the spacing for a given set of measures, but often this doesn't actually look as good as reducing staff size. Reducing spacing makes the music look crowded in a way that reducing staff size doesn't, as long as you don't go too small.

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