Hidden notes problem solve with parts printout

• Mar 26, 2022 - 18:36

If hidden notes are used with an instrument like double bass the part extract will show at best rest on those bars. But it can not join the rests since there are hidden notes on them.
I found a way around this by 'save a copy' from the part to a xml and editing this to have no hidden notes. It is not ideal but easier than other solutions I could think of. I do not want to add any new hidden instruments since the hidden ones show on the summary.
Below the process results. The change in note duration is another change made earlier.
(Off-topic, it worked well with Ctrl_Shift-Q but rehearsal marks and tempo notations had to be written again.)

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The hidden notes were pizzicato for other strings since only double bass (acoustic) has proper pizzicato sounds in MIDI. And double bass was already in the sextet I used it for ALL strings. Bit extreme but the best I have found....

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