Piano roll editor - all instruments?

• Mar 29, 2022 - 18:46

I can get the Piano Roll editor to work for just one instrument (one staff), but not for multiple instruments or staffs.

Is there a way to get that to work and the dynamic playback to work for all the instruments or staffs?

Perhaps for the primary function - editing/entering notes - there's no need - but for watching the way the music unfolds it's quite good to be able to see more than one instrument or track.

Dorico - has that feature.


I suspect the direction MuseScore 4 will take will move away from a pure piano-roll display to something more sequencer-like. At least that was the original vision, even if it's not currently planned for 4.0 specifically. But I do assume some sort sequencer-like view will happen someday.

Not sure what you mean about dynamic playback, that's not really specific to the piano roll editor, but it certainly does work for all instruments / staves unless you've changed from the default dynamics/sound settings to ones that don't work (eg, choosing a non-expr sound for staff that uses SND, or choosing a soundfont that requires CC11 when your dynamics are set to use CC2, etc). It's a bit of a can of worms, so you definitely need to be careful if changing from the defaults.

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Thanks all for the clarification. I think/hope that MS4 will make some kind of progress in this direction. It's not absolutely vital or essential, but nice to have. Also it could increase the target user base as there are I think many people who can already use piano roll style editors, but who are less able at reading music on conventional music staves.

Operations such as transposition, inversion and retrograde are quite easy to perform using some piano roll editors, and some might find that easier than using conventional music notation.

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