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• Mar 31, 2022 - 07:43

It would be very useful if MuseScore could support something like Post It Notes, and integrate them with the time line.

Also when playing back a score, it would be helpful if the timeline could also have marker moving along, and maybe events highlighted as they occur.

The Post It Notes suggestion can currently be fudged by "misusing" Rehearsal Marks, but having a more carefully thought out feature could be very helpful.

Such a Post It Notes feature could also be helpful for sharing, and each note could be allocated to a different user to facilitate collaboration.

If a search feature were to be implemented, this could become very powerful.


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Largely - yes! Could be for chord symbols though, or even RNA or some of the other forms.

Basically text would cope with most situations.

Some people have suggested that it wouldn't work with the TImeline as "it's not possible to put lengthy text into the TL", but actually that's not a constraint. All that's needed is a one or two character icon in the TL to start a text field, and I've already got an example showing this. However, although it is possible to use the Rehearsal Marks - and the associated track in the TL, and to differentiate "real" Rehearsal Marks from comments and notes, it would be useful to have more than one track.

I suspect the code is there already for the work on the TL.

Code for "Post it" notes on each page might require a little more work, but again I suspect there are enough text objects in MS that code could be reused.

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It does indeed look as though some of the software components which might be needed to enhance the MS interface are already there.

It would be great if forthcoming MS4 versions could embrace features which would enhance and facilitate both individual and collaborative working.

The idea of "post it notes" has come up before and I like it, but I don't recall it having been mentioned in conjunction with the Timeline. I like even more :-)

A generalized search facility that can find text would be nice This, though, I wouldn't want married to the Timeline, as I think most users would want to use this without having to go to the trouble of opening the Timeline first. Really, it could just be an enhancement to the existing Ctrl+F facility, one that could search all text rather than just rehearsal marks.

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There are merits in having a search for the timeline - but you are right that a search feature could be general. That rather depends on how things are done "under the hood". It's generally not a good idea to have duplicate or similar code unless there is a good reason for having different versions and different behaviours depending on contexts.

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Right. But note, having the search exist outside of the timeline should in no way prevent you from using them together. Just as rehearsal marks exist and can be used (and searched) with or without the timeline, the same should be true for other text. I'd include post-it notes in that statement as well - I wouldn't want to be forced to open the timeline just to use post-it notes, but here, I think the idea of showing a row for them makes total sense and would increased the usefulness of those post-it notes.

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Absolutely - though sometimes text works in strange ways. Generally one might hope that it shouldn't be context dependent, though I know that sometimes it feels that way.

That's why I don't like the use of the \b escape for RNA and some of the other special cases for chord symbols.

It should be possible to search lyrics, chord symbols, RNA and almost anything which might be considered as text within Musescore, so yes - a search feature should not be restricted to the timeline. That would lead to better internal code reuse, but there might have to be some special cases - or some special forms of text.

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