Can't get D,C, to jump to Start

• Apr 11, 2022 - 20:02

The D.C. al coda in the attached doesn't jump to start, just continues to end of score. Advice?

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You have a volta saying that part with the D.C. should be played on the 2nd and 4th repeat. There is no 4th repeat. Since a Jump is only expected to be followed on a final normal repeat of the measure its in, your jump is ignored during the 2nd repeat.

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Indeed, Jump instructions also have an interpretation according to standard notation.
In summary: they are honored only once and only during the last "normal" repeat of that measure. After a jump the expectancy is to only play the last/final repeat of the repeated section.

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I guess it depends upon who's version of standard notation one is using. For some of the top worship music publishers, their standard notation is not like what you describe. They like to save pages by using fewer pages on songs. It probably puts more onus on the musicians/singers in lieu of saving page space, but after a decade of backing up a choir, I've never seen singers struggle. Only the ones just starting out and don't have much experience with reading sheet music. I personally don't like turning pages.

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I think you may misunderstanding the comments. No one is saying not to save save, or not to use repeats, or not to use them during a DS or DC. Just that if you want human musicians to understand you want the repeats taken on the DS or DC, you should add the text “take repeats” to make this clear to them. And to get MuseScore to follow this as well, simpy check the appropriate box as mentioned.

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Choir music has the advantage over other score types that it usually also contains lyrics that aid in clarifying the roadmap.
The only non-standard "breach of interpretation" that I've commonly encountered in choral music is that a Jump instruction there is often processed more than once, depending on the number of verses. Assuming the jump targets are identical, you can force MuseScore to do so by adding multiple jumps as well.

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