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• Apr 16, 2022 - 16:00

Using musescore for many years now and when starting a new score, I always made use of an already
existing one and modify it or the new ones purpose. Used an (very) old version of musescore
(cannot recall which one because I replaced it for the latest one: 3.6.2.(xxxxx). But it was also an AppImage.
I am using PCLinuxOS as O.S. and an AppImage version because then it runs without any problems.
Now I wanted to start a new score using the "New Score Wizard" and ran into problems
when trying to add a new instrument for creating a Guitar Duo score. To my surprise I cannot add a new instrument.
The "Add" button (between the left pane (Common) and the right pane (Staves) is missing.
What can I do to correct this?

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Indeed, you have to actually tell MuseScore you want to choose instruments. Right now it is simply asking if you want choose them or if you'd rather select a template. If you either double-click "Choose Instruments" or else hit Next (or simply press Enter, which what I normally do) it takes you to the page where you actually do the choosing.

BTW, if you are planning on reusing an older score, instead of loading it than modifying it, much better to simply save a copy of the existing score to your Template folder, then you can select it directly during this step (it will be listed under "Custom" here.

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