Monitoring sounds (triggered by MIDI keyboard) without notating

• Apr 17, 2022 - 01:16

I'd like to improvise using the different sounds in the score. Is there a way of switching between instruments without first entering notation on their staves? Currently I'm only able to monitor keyboard input (without entering new notes) on a staff where I previously have edited some notes in, using the "MIDI in data" button. It would be nice to just switch between the sounds associated with the staves.


You shouldn't need to enter notes, just click an empty area in the staff to select the measure. I guess maybe you are trying to click the rest, but that indeed doesn't work for some reason.

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Interesting, normally it should work, but I can't confirm it doesn't now with one of my scores. It may have to do with the order in which things are clicked, and may have something to do with single note dynamics settings (it always works for piano, for me). Like, maybe the continuous controller info needs to get initialized somehow when using SND instruments? Anyhow, workaround seems to be to have a dummy measure with notes to select.

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It's possible to hear sounds from the instruments without writing their notes down (by deselecting Note Input), but then only on staves which have previous note inputs. Also there's massive delay, even on the lowest buffer setting, which is frustrating for improvisation. I'd say it's not usable for this at the moment.

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