How can I do this?

• Apr 17, 2022 - 08:43

Can anyone help, how can I do this?
There is 16th note but how can I put it above the E note of Voice 2
*I don't need help on making voices just the durations above. I can't put the 16th note above the E note.
There is a quarter note so how can I fit the 16th note. The notes below are like 0.33 notes and the quarter note is full 1/4 note. I need note like 0.66.

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If it is 3/4 , your little picture is false ........ the lower stave is correct in 3/4 , but the upper is not correctly written, the 2 voices of this upper stave are written with triplets, but the little "3" are not written , it's impossible to read correctly without these little "3"

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