what, not backward compatible and note entering issue

• Apr 20, 2022 - 11:22

I was working on the attached file using MuseScore Nightly. I was entering notes and I was having some trouble with the eighth note being selected in the menu. I couldn't get it unselected and select a quarter note. I saved my work and then tried to open the file in version 3. It said it was saved in the newer version and directed me to download it. Then, I thought I could just copy from the new and paste into the old version. But, pasting didn't work. When I tried to save it as an earlier version, I didn't see that option.

Then, I went back to the newer version. When I clicked the button to enter notes with the keyboard, notes were selected in the menu. A whole note was selected, I'm not sure why. Then, I picked a quarter note, I got the mac hourglass and the system crashed.

So, I'm stuck.

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No major version of MuseScore was ever backward compatible to any previous major version.

And you apparently elected to ignore the big fat warning about this, when getting yourself that private alpha version, resp, the pre-alpha development nightly of MuseScore 4...

Now you need to fetch a backup of your score, I guess

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