Is it possible to combine 2 different types of instruments on muscore?

• Apr 21, 2022 - 23:09

I have a lot of parts to my score so when I print it, some of them get cut off. Is it possible to combine 2 different types of instrument together to shorten the height? I want the trombone and euphonium together as well as bass clarinet and tuba. I feel like its mostly not possible to combine them because of different key signatures and instrument sounds. I have a trombone/baritone part, but you can only hear the trombone because its only the title of the instrument that I've changed. But I want one staff to be able to have 2 instruments and play the 2 instruments together. Can someone please clarify this? Thank you.

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You could combine instruments of similar transposition onto a single staff and (ab)use the possibility to use a staff text to assign the voices of such a staff to different channels.
Start from one of the synthesizer instruments, which have multiple channels available, and change the transposition and names as required.

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Alternatively, to prevent some staves being cut off either decrease the size of the margins or decrease the scaling. Those settings are available in [Format]>[Page Settings]. See

With a staff space scaling of 1.0 I can easily fit 22 staves on an A4 page perfectly legibly. I could even go as small as 0.75mm without straining the MD's eyes too much and that would probably allow a further 5 or 6 staves on the page.

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