Recording just one (or a few) staves

• Apr 25, 2022 - 16:53

I wanted to make an audio recording of just one stave line of a score. My first thought was that if I selected only that line and did an export that it would work. It doesn't.

My next attempt was to invoke the mixer. That was set up to mute all but the wanted stave. That worked when played back withing MuseScore, but did not work when exporting. The export simply played all the staves.

So now I'm back to thinking that the only was is to isolate the wanted stave in a score of its own, and export that to audio.

Nope - even that doesn't work. Save Selection only seems to work with time slices - not with stave slices.

So - finally - (and this has worked) - copy to a new score. Delete all the unwanted staves. Then export to audio.

That works!

Maybe this will help someone - and save them having to rediscover this.


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You can include/exclude the individual staves of a multi-stave instrument by clicking the expansion arrow next to the instrument once it is added to the lower right hand pane of the export dialogue and then ticking/unticking the appropriate boxes. You can even select and export individual voices in a multi-voice stave in a similar way.

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If you wish full independent control of the LH and RH for piano, you can if you wish create your score for two pianos or one staff each. Everything works pretty much the same as for a regular two-staff single piano, except cross-staff notation won't be possible, and you'll have to set your dynamics to "system" instead of "part".

But to be clear, the regular the mute button on the channel strip is honored for export. The solo button, however, is not - by design, because the things one typically uses it for are things one would not normally want to be exported. The individual muting buttons for the different staves & voices are also apparently not honored for export, not sure if that was a requested feature or not.

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