Hide staff (specific)

• May 13, 2022 - 17:50

Hello again, another one:

When working with composition exercises, all staves are empty, so the "hide empty staves" option does not work for me... Is there an option to hide only the specific instrument in specific system?

Example: 1º system flute only / 2º system marimba only / 3º system bongos only and so on...

As these exercises will be performed with Musescore, I need a specific sound, so adding only system text (the name of the instrument) is not suitable either.

Thank you, K.


In reply to by Karolis B.

If you want two staves for the marimba specifically, then start with two staves and go ahead and use hide empty staves so it only appears when needed.

Not saying it's necessarily better than adding all the instruments you need - just another way. One method might make sense for some case, the other method might make more sense for other cases. That's why MuseScore gives you that flexibility.

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