Entering slashes and staff issues

• Oct 17, 2008 - 22:02

Entering "slashes" is extremely time-consuming and tedious when making jazz leadsheets. Why not do what they did with Encore, and be able to simply change the attributes of a quarter rest to a slash? Also, is it possible to change from grand staff to leadsheet (single) staff within the same tune?

Thanks! It's otherwise a wonderful program!




I do mostly jazz scores, and the procedure discussed elsewhere in the forum is quite time consuming. Also, I end up with notes in the bar which play during playback, and I really don't want that.

But, please don't take this the wrong way... I LOVE the program and send many thanks to the developers!!!

I do mostly jazz lead sheets too
When I have a lot of slashes to write, I have to enter notes, then turn them into slashes one by one.
Copy/Paste works but is inconvenient because it takes the chords along.

What I would like is :
1) select a bunch of notes, have a way to turn them all into slashes all at once
2) during playback, have a way to not play (they're always on B)
3) when transposing, don't transpose the slashes (so that they stay on B)

I second that, writing mostly jazz or rock parts it would be useful for me too...

However I've parttially solved the problem by making myself a template with empy bars, actually full of hidden slashes on every beat, so that I can easily add chord names. I can unhide them to show rythmic examples of replace them with normal notes when I have to write down obbligato parts. When possible, I prefer to have 4 or 8 bars per staff so I've made two different templates.

Enetering chord names within this situation is really quick: just select the beat, hit Ctrl-K enter the chordname and move forward to the next beat hitting the spacebar! :)

I attach my templates for you to use, and an example made with them. My advice is not to use as a real template in musescore, but open them up and then use the "save as" function to rename the new score,
Comments are welcome! :)


P.S.: as a bassist, I put a bass clef as default...
P.S.2: there's a stupid copyright disclaimer at the bottom, please remove it or I will be responsible for your translation! :)

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Thanks for the reply, and the great idea! I don't know why I didn't think of that myself :-)

There's still the problem of playback and the notes (that aren't really notes but beat placeholders) getting played.

In Finale, you can set a property on a measure which says that the style of notation is "Slash Notation", and then quarter note rests become the slashes positioned properly in the staff, and because they're rests, notes don't get played.

I'm still new to MuseScore, so I'm not sure what the right thing to do here is, in terms of the UI metaphor and underlying structure of where these sorts of properties are stored, so I can't really make any kind of informed suggestion on what to do.

But, keep up the great work, everyone! MuseScore rocks!

- Mike.

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