Why are imported svg files and question about font style in svg file

• May 18, 2022 - 12:20


It is possible to import svg files in musescore.
But when saving the musescore file the imported svg files are rasterized.
Is there an option to prevent that automatic conversion?

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Affinity has an option to copy as svg.
That was what I was testing but paste does not work as I hoped.

Something different.

Could you please import this svg. (using edwin font)
Here all text is displayed on screen as italic.

When export to pdf the text is ok.
When export tot png the text is again all italic.

Any logic behind this?

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I've seen similar behavior happening with SVGs that keep text as text objects, where non-explicit properties take over the last set property in the editor.
Have two staff texts, one italic another one bold; then add the svg and you can change the SVG appearance by just selecting one of those staff texts, which does point to a bug somewhere.

Now here's the fun part; if you explicitly set those styling properties of the texts inside the SVG to be normal, then this doesn't happen. So the internal style parameters of the SVG take precedence over whatever MuseScore does when changing a staff text.

Of course this doesn't happen at all once you convert the text objects to paths instead (such as by using the image capture tool).

The really odd part is that I don't seem to be able to break it again in the attached scores for the already added SVGs; so it looks like "save and reload" can possibly be a workaround for you.
You can find the additional files I used for testing attached.

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Hi Johan

I use Affinity Designer (on the Mac) to export SVG files for museScore. The SVGs work fine, although the import-to-MuseScore process can prove awkward.

I've never used the copy/paste method you described. Next time I'm in Affinity I'll try that. The issue could indeed pertain to clipboard operation. Often the clipboard contains several formats of the object. Possibly on paste MuseScore only receives a rasterized version.


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