Set staves per page, or adjust distance between staves

• May 20, 2022 - 21:44

I'm new to Musescore. I'm creating a simple jazz lead sheets and I want to get 8 staves on the page, which will put the whole song on one page, but I'm getting 7 staves on the page, with one stave left over. I've searched the forums and handbook but I can't seem to figure it out.


There are many ways to adjust score layout. it is impossible to know which would be best in your case without seeing the score (the ,mscz) file. But a simple fix is to make everything smaller by adjusting the stave space scaling in [Format]>[Page Settings]. This setting specifies the distance between stave lines and everything is scaled in proportion to that. The default is 1.75 mm. Make that smaller and everything on the page gets smaller allowing more staves to fit. If that doesn't work for you, come back and attach your score.

Normally, you should already be getting 8 per page. Are you using the jazz lead sheet template? That actually gives 8 per page on Letter paper unless your chord symbols or lyrics end up getting in the way. In that case you might indeed need to shrink a size or distance somewhere. Since there are many different settings, I recommend you attach and example so we advise you as to the best way for your particular case.

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