Suggestion for audio enhancements, rooms, dynamism

• May 21, 2022 - 14:28

You could implement in Musescore 4 the possibility to decide whether to render the audio in 2 ways: mono (so as now with the same source the instruments of a score, volume pre-defined or changeable only from the mixer and effects only already present in the VST / Sf2 / Plugin); stereo (therefore with dynamism, in case even depth, etc.) where you can decide in a space of your choice among the predefined ones (open, closed, large, small, with much / little reverb such as concert hall, recording studio, church ) where to place, with even predefined sets (following existing models), each sound source for each instrument and also the "receiver", the point of the subject, of the listener, so as to create a more realistic, deeper overall audio and dynamic.
An example of a default environment or location for each tool would be this

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