Stacking chord extensions

• May 23, 2022 - 17:45

I am having the same issue as is addressed in Forum - General Discussion - "Stacking chord extensions" from April 21, 2020. That is, a chord such as Ab(b9#5) appears horizontally, rather than having the extensions stacked. This looks awkward in the lead sheet. The solution posted seems pretty complicated. Is there anything new in Musescore to address this?


No, there is nothing new. If you need this stacked, you need a custom XML file.

FWIW, usually in lead sheets I recommend simplifying chord symbols. There's really no reason to specify both b9 and #5 - presence of one would normally imply the other anyhow. So I normally just write b9, unless the #5 is in the melody, in which case it's conventional to just write that. This is the rule followed in the "Real Book" as well as most other jazz fakebooks.

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