Musescore Download; Out-of-Date Internet Security Certificate

• May 25, 2022 - 18:51


I have just downloaded MuseScore- When I tried to install it I discovered that the internet security certificate, screenshot attached, is out of date. It was issued to Musescore BVBA by Section RSA Code Signing CA and expired on 27/03/2021. Please can you obtain an up-to-date certificate. I can't install if the certificate is out of date. When you have obtained a new certificate please let me know and I will download and try to install again. Thanks.

Best wishes,

David Wilcox

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Can you be more specific about how you encountered this error? Did you download MuseScore from this site, or somewhere else? Did the error appear when you ran the installer or at some other time? What else did you see before the error appeared? And which specific OS are you on - appears to maybe be some older version of Windows?

I don't know anything about the certiciate, but that message suggests has been expired for a very long time, and yet there have been millions of successful installs during that time. So something about your system or how you are doing things is apparently different from it works for everyone else - we need to understand what makes it different for you.

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Hello Marc,

Thanks for your prompt reply.

I downloaded Musescore from your site. I encountered the problem when I ran the installer. I am using a PC running Windows 10.

To be clear, I deliberately checked the certificate when Windows asked me to allow the software to make changes to software on my computer. This is something I have got into the habit of doing for security reasons. Certificates shouldn't be out-of-date. On discovering that the certificate was out-of-date I aborted the install. There isn't much point in checking security certificates if you then ignore them.

Best wishes,

It's the certificate information on the certificate used in the msi installer package. While this certificate indeed in the meantime has expired, also note that it wasn't expired at the time of the signing (‎Monday, ‎8 ‎February ‎2021 15:24:20) and as such still should be considered a valid certification check for the signature (which is the case on my Win10 laptop).

We will not re-package a new 3.6.2 installer as all focus is on the upcoming MuseScore 4 release.

Note: You'll notice that if you download even older versions/installers they'll come with even older certificates. Again though, as long as the time of signing matches the validity range of the certificate, all should be just fine.

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Hello jeetee,

Your quick response is appreciated.

I have now looked at the digital signature details available via the installer Properties and get the same result as you. I agree it is probably OK to proceed. Thank you for pointing this approach out to me. I will proceed with the installation and confirm the result here.


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