Display one part (or more, but less than Full Score) with one Key Push?

• May 26, 2022 - 01:21

Wouldn't it be great to be able to quickly view only one staff / part of a large score and also be able to play that one part, alone, with one key press on the keyboard?

Coming from Sibelius to Musescore is great in some respects.
However ...
In Sib. all one needs to is highlight one bar of any part - press the "P" key and there you have it.
Viewing and playing only one part at a time.
That one part opens in a different TAB in the program.
To go back to the full score just close that TAB.

Could something this quick and easy be added to MuseScore?

Thank you!


MuseScore supports separate parts to, go to File / Parts to generate them all not separate tabs in a single click, and then you can switch between them in a single click as well. See the Handbook section on parts for more info.

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So I can open all parts in tabs, but can't find a way to do just one at a time.
Also, I find no way to close them, or just open one part at a time.

So the handbook says:
"Opening a part
MuseScore 4 automatically creates a separate part for every instrument in your score.
To open a part:
Click Parts in the toolbar (This will open the parts dialog)
(not on my tool bar ... oh doh ... see below )
Click a part to select it
Click Open"

MS 4?
So I say ... well I better go DL that, but the DL page says:
The latest stable version is 3.6.2
The hand book is neither up to date or accurate when it comes to details like the above.

And the open parts action "seems" to be under development for MS 4.

In the mean time I'll just wait and hope someone sees the perk of the method I mentioned in the OP.

Highlight a staff, Type P and the part is there.
Click the X at the top right and the Part is closed and we're back to the gull score.

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MuseScore 4 is not out yet, not sure how you stumbled on the Handbook for it. Use the Support menu above, or Help / Online from within MuseScore, to access the MuseScore 3 Handbook.

Definitely you can have one part for tab - that’s the default when you press “All Parts”. You wouldn’t normally want to have to open parts one at a time when it’s so simple to do them all, but if you really want, you can click the “Single Part” button to do this. You can also remove parts from this same dialog, not that there would normally be any reason to do that either. Normally you’d simply create all parts and be doneZ

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What is so simple about having every part open at the same time when I only want to see one or 2 together? I have to scroll to the right and look for what I want to see.
Not simple at all compared to just opening one part at a time with one highlight+P.

Clicking "Single Part" creates a new part.
I'm dealing with a full score that needs no new parts.

To add to the confusion, the list of all parts in the score can't be scrolled
and half of them are hidden, and none of them can be selected.
The + - signs seem non-functional also.

I guess we need assume MS 3 is incomplete.

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I guess I've never tried working that way - constantly opening and closing parts just seems like a pain to me compared to having them all available at all times. I tend to work on the parts one at a time anyhow, so no scrolling and looking, I just move through the parts one by one. And I've never worked on a large ensemble score that didn't need parts; not sure I understand that - are all the musicians going to read from the full score?
But everyone's workflows are different, and anyhow, MuseScore 4 will indeed make workflows like the one you describe possible, where parts can be opened and closed on demand.

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Not sure what you mean about the list not being scrollable; certainly you can access all the tabs for all the parts; definitely wouldn't be very useful otherwise! Just use your scroll wheel, or click the little arrows to the right of the tab bar. Not sure which "+" signs you mean?

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There should be a scroll bar there. But note, this control is greyed out until you actually create a part, via the Single Part button. This is the control you would then use to tell MuseScore which instrument(s) you wish to include in that part. And then the +/- buttons become active. It's not something most people would ever use, since as mentioned previously, it's so easy to just click a single button to generate all parts for all instruments automatically. The intended purpose of this is for creating "special" parts, like one containing all woodwinds in an orchestra score.

But if you wish to have only a few individual parts generated, this is currently the control you would need. For MuseScore 4, it's quite different, and more optimized for the use case of wanting to open and close individual parts.

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