Show existing keyboard shortcuts for palette items that have them

• May 29, 2022 - 19:34

Hello everyone.
Sometimes, when one wants to know if a certain palette item has a keyboard shortcut assigned to it, one must search in the handbook, or in the Preferences dialog's Shortcuts page. But it would be much easier if those existing keyboard shortcuts were shown along with the tooltips of the palette items themselves.
For example, the shortcut for Staccato is Shift+S. But to discover this one must look at the handbook or in the Preferentes dialog. I think when one puts the mouse cursor on top of the Stacatto item itself, the keyboard shorcut should appear there inside the tooltip - Staccato above (Shift+S).
Thanks in advance.


I like your idea. And it was indeed suggested in this forum back in 2020:
In that previous thread Jojo-Schmitz mentioned that there are only a few Palette items which do already have a shortcut:
"... slur, staccato, flat, sharp, natural, hairpins, some of the texts, breaks IIRC"

There is an easy workaround. You can edit any palette item's Hint by following this path:
1. Right-click the palette item, select Properties...
2. Edit the Palette Cell Properties by adding the shortcut's description to the hint in the Name property
3. Click OK


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