How can I add multi measure rests?

• Jun 4, 2022 - 07:38

Hello! How can I add multi measure rests?
I found this ( but it didn't help. They say "1 Select a measure, or range of measures.
2. Press Del."
but I have Mac and I don't have Del-key.
Is there any way to do it without shortcut.


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The instruction to press Del is required to clear any content from the selected range of measures. I assume a MAC has an equivalent button that deletes things. The point is multi-measure rests should be empty. Notes obviously can not be included in rests, but likewise items such as tempo changes will force a break in a multi-measure rest.

Del would not create a multimeasure rest. Read that handbook page again, it talks about file measure rests in connection with Del.

On a Mac Backspace might be the Del key.

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