Shorter way to say 'remain at the speed you have slowed down to from here onwards'?

• Jun 9, 2022 - 18:37

Hi, I need help with writing a suitable expression

I have a score, it starts ritardando at bar 4 and ends at bar 8. I want the player to remain at whatever speed they have slowed down to from bar 4 to 8, then continue at that speed that they have slowed down to from bar 8 onwards. how do I write an expression for this? any suitable italian terms?

Thanks a lot folks.


Just state the new tempo, either with a tempo text (e.g. quarter note = 60) or a tempo term (e.g. allegretto) or both. It is useful to the player to give an idea of the "target" tempo. After reading what the new tempo is, the player will (or should) continue at that tempo untill told to do something different.

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The tempo terms, e.g largo, larghetto, andante allegretto, etc. are fairly subjective. You might try meno mosso (less rapid) or più largo (more slowly) but as a player I would prefer the score to make the composer's intention as clear as possible.

For Musescore to create the playback, you will need to tell it a specific number of beats per minute, of course. Computers don't do subjective.

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