Repeats after D.C.

• Jun 26, 2022 - 16:13

I have a very short song (that I've attached as a screenshot to this post) that doesn't behave the way I expect it to behave when playing it back. I expect the whole song to be six measures long, but it's only five measues long, since the repeat sign is skipped when encountered after the D.C..

Is this a bug in Musescore or is it just me who doesn't know how to write it properly?

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Yes. The common indication here is to add "con rep" to the D.C. instruction.

In MuseScore you can double click the D.C. in your score to put it into text edit mode and then add the "con rep" (or "with repeats") to it. Quite often in score layout I chose to type in a new line so the con rep is on a 2nd line.

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