clef change help

• Jun 27, 2022 - 20:50

I'm not really understanding how to make this clef change. In the last top measure in the Bass clef there is a "treble clef" change. This I am able to figure out but when I add bass clef back in just before the half notes in the second stanza first measure it changes the pitch of the eighth notes. I'm using 3.4. I know there is a new update but just bare with me on this.

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There is no directly supported way to have multiple clefs on a single staff at the same time. The best workaround would be to add one from the "Symbols" palette (press "Z" to display), add the notes as required based on the "real" clef, and use "Fix to Line" in the Inspector to make it display as appropriate for the "symbolic" clef.

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