Violin notes slur together on playback?

• Jun 28, 2022 - 10:06

While playing back a piece with violin in it, the violin notes have slurred together, almost like there is one constant pedal throughout the piece. I have even implemented staccatos on some notes, but the annoying bug continues. Have I done anything wrong, or is this a bug?

Edit: the notes slur on all pieces, not just one specific ones.


I'm guessing maybe you are using one of the "slow strings" sounds, which as the name implies, has a slow attack. But even if it happens on all score you have tried, it definitely doesn't happen on all scores in the world - something must be similar about how you are creating these scores. So we definitely need you to attach one in order to understand. Also say if you are using any non-default settings in View / Synthesizer - if you'lve loaded any additional soundfonts, changed the Dynamics settings, played with the reverb, etc.

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