Separating Voices between Parts

• Jun 29, 2022 - 00:08

I have a file I worked on for HOURS, and finished up and everything, all parts exported into PDF form for printing... however, my file was corrupted last night some time, and I found the back-up folders, but the select few that weren't autosaved after the corruption, were only able to back up to when I started working on the files, despite the corruption not happening for hours.

I spent hours taking a single Piano track and splitting it between 4 different instruments so I could more easily read each part on my wind instrument. It's very tedious and annoying, and I already spent way more time on it than I wanted to, let alone having to redo all of it. Sorry for all the exposition, but is there any way to do it automatically, instead of having to meticulously doing it note by note for hours? Attached is an example of what I need accomplished...

Thank you for your help!


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You don't say what OS you were on, but if it's Windows, and you didn't go out of your way to disable OneDrive, then you should be able to roll back to the previous saved version directly from the OneDrive website.

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