How to show bar numbers at start of multi-measure rest

• Jun 30, 2022 - 21:17

I'm transcribing a hand-written part. It has a multi-measure rest with double bar lines at the start and end. Each double bar line has the bar number indicated. I would like to replicate this in Musescore.

Using Bar Properties - Always Show Bar Number, I can show the bar number after the rest (because it's actually attached to the bar after), but I can't get Musescore to show the bar number of the start of the multi-measure rest. If I turn off multi-measure rests, it is displayed on the first rest bar, but if I turn multi-measure back on, it is no longer displayed. If I try to set Show Bar Number when it's displaying multi-measure rests, then the Bar Properties context menu entry is greyed out and unavailable.

Is there a way of doing this?


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Thanks for this.

I've a slightly complicated situation in that "Bar 1" is several bars into the music. It's for a musical and there is an introductory/scene change section with its own (lettered) rehearsal marks before Bar 1. I tried using this method before but couldn't get it to work, probably because of that initial rehearsal mark. I now think this method would work for me; I wasn't aware that you could apply it to a selection of bars. Thanks for leading me to that bit of information.

I have found another method, which is somewhat simpler. I can drag Bar Number from the "Text" palette into the score. This displays the bar numbers as I wanted. Note for other readers: it's under "more" in the palette.

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If you add a section break at the end of the introductory/scene change section, the bar numbers will be reset to 1 at the start of the next section. Does that help?

I didn't know that bar number was in the text pallet. Thanks for that. However, I played with it and it seems to behave slightly differently to other text items where if you select a note or rest and click on the pallet item, it is added to the score and there is no need to resort to drag and drop, but I can't get select and click to work with the bar number. Just an oddity I guess, but it's nice to understand why such inconsistencies are present. There may be a very good reason.

I also noted that after adding the bar number by drag and drop you can see in the bar properties that the bar number mode has been set to "Always Show", so that provides another way to achieve the same thing. And note that you can adjust the bar number shown by entering a value +ve or -ve into the "Add to bar number" field.

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That's interesting as Always Show was what I tried to use originally and I couldn't get it to behave in this one case. I didn't know about the section breaks. I can see that being useful, although it does also give a system break. Not a problem in most cases, but I've just got multi bar rest, Rehearsal Mark A, multi bar rest, Bar 1. So that means the system break looks a bit untidy. More importantly - as I'm transcribing something I can barely read - I want the bars to be in the same places on the original and in my version to help checking the transcription. I dealt with it by adjusting the bar number, as you described.

I found the same thing with select and click. I'm a fairly new user, so I just assumed I was doing something wrong!

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