Dropdown Box in Mixer

• Jul 1, 2022 - 00:33

In the mixer, you can put in an instrument name and change the soundfont to whatever you want. However, I put in the instrument name, and try to change the sound, but when I go to check it out, it does not work and I usually get kind of frusrated about that. This is why I propose that there should be a dropdown box with every instrument you have on your score (in the Mixer of course) to change what you want.

The text box is where I have issues with, and where I think the dropdown box should go
(the Trumpet 3 changing to the Choir Aah sound is just an exmaple)

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The mixer isnb't for changing isntruments - it's for changing the sound produced by an instrument. So, for instance, to select between the handful of different guitar sounds, but not for changing a guitar into a flute - or a trumpet into a choir. To change the actual instrument for a staff, right-click the staff, Staff/Part Properties, then Change Instrument. This changes everything that needs changing, including the name, range, and most importantly in your case of trumpet / choir, the transposition.

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