Clarinet Realfont Soundfont issue

• Jul 5, 2022 - 01:10

Hi, I finally found a solid clarinet soundfont, but it has one issue where on some notes there is a loud buzzing sound that ruins the soundfont. Here is what it sounds like, it is mostly on the F on the staff:

Also, I found another score which this soundfont is seemingly used, but there is no buzzing sound and I was wondering if anyone had a solution for me. Thanks!


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there are only five samples in that Instrument, all playing far below their Rootkey, so you cant expect a stable sound, since a sf2 transposes by changeing the sample rate, so for example the 44,100 Khz sample is played at 22.100 Khz, like you play a 45 rpm vinyl at 33 rpm.
i put the Clarinet in a seperate sf2, for the range that is reasonable;…


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Yes, it's pretty cool.
But of course, besides that, the loops need to be fixed a little more.
The tuning needs to be adjusted.
And the resonance and timbre of each sample is different. So some tweaks are needed in the filter to make it sound like it belongs to a single instrument. //Unfortunately, the resonance settings cannot be set to negative values.
I also worked on it last night, but I didn't like the sample quality very much.

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