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• Jul 5, 2022 - 17:45

Hello Musescore,
I've been trying to make the fingering numbers larger on the score. The default is so small that it's barely legible on my screen or a printout. Is there a way to make them larger? I ran the violin fingering plugin and see that the numbers there are much larger but everything is in first position so the plugin isn't helpful in and of itself.
Thanks for any help you can offer,


Hmm, which fingering symbols - are you talking about piano, guitar, or something else? The default of 8pt for piano & guitar fingering should be about the same size as a staff space, which is actually pretty standard. In fact it would be somewhat problematic if made larger, because then it would take more space than the notes themselves.

But, making the fingering bold at the standard size would be a common improvement made by many editors.

Anyhow, if you take care to avoid the problems inherent with fingers that are larger than a staff space, then as mentioned, just click the Set as style button after customizing one fingering to be the extra-large size you prefer.

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Great! Keep in mind that you can also simply increase the overall size of the music (Format / Page Settings / Staff Space). This is often a good choice for readability as our vision gets weaker - then everything scales consistently and you don't end up with fingerings that are larger than the noteheads themselves, which ends up being counterproductive long term. Some combination of all of these is probably most effective. I'd start simply making the fingerings bold, then slightly increasing the overall staff size, and only then actually experiment with making the fingerings larger than the noteheads.

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