removing wide gaps between staves

• Jul 19, 2022 - 14:47

this score is working except for a large gap between system 2 and 3 on the first page and 4 and 5 on the second page. The score is quite readable but doesn't look good.

Is the some way to nudge the systems up? it doesn't matter if this results in wider gaps at the bottom of the page


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Two_Donkeys__action_replay.mscz 36.92 KB


The extra space is there because apparently you dragged some of the fingerings way way way above or below some of the staves, and MsueScore is duly creating room for that. Not sure if you were trying to move the fingerings to a different note or to drag them off the page or if it was an accident that you moved them in the first place, but for instance, select bar six and press Ctrl+R to reset the positions of everything in that measure back to the default, and the space goes away. Then position the fingerings more as you actually want. Similarly for other places where you see problems like this.

BTW, if the dragging happened by accident because you were attempting to scroll the score by actually dragging it, don't do that. The much better way to scroll the score is with the scroll wheel on your mouse, or equivalent touch gesture (eg, two-finger swipe). Also the standard PgUp/PgDn keys (Fn+Up/Down if your keyboard lacks phsycial PgUp/PgDn keys.

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