Auto scrolling

• Jul 22, 2022 - 07:13

I just realize the iPad app has the perfect functionality for auto scrolling
1) the whole music score can be seen
2) at the end of each line the score moves upwards one line
That is perfect to play back reading the score.

Would it be possible to have the exact same functionality on Windows ?

Many thx in advance


In reply to by Marc Sabatella

I did turn the « pan score » button on
But there is a big difference btw the iPad and my PC
If I use single page mode the screen of my PC will move to the next screen at the end of the last line of the screen preventing us from anticipating the first measures of the next screen
If I use the continuous view I only have ONE line moving from right to left which doesn’t give a global view on the score

Whilst on the iPad the score will move one line up each time the end of a line is reached, always giving us the view on a full screen of the score and allowing us to anticipate on what’s coming … lot better

Hope,I could make myself clear, not so easy to explain !

Thx for your support

It took me ages but I finally found the setting for automatic scrolling on desk top Mac. First the music has to be set to continuous page then you go to the playback setting wheel on the right. (Not the regular setting wheel on the left). Then tick pan score automatically and all's good.

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