Can't get claps to sound during playback

• Jul 23, 2022 - 14:09

Can anyone see what wrong with the attached, the clap are silent during playback.

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It's not clear how you entered those note,s but it seems you must have not entered them directly onto that staff - either you entered onto another staff then copied, or you entered them on this staff then changed the instrument. Neither of those is going to work directly, since percussion staves depend on using the correct MIDI pitch to get the playback. But, it's easy enough to fix. Just select the contents of that staff and hit "Up", which will "transpose" the notes to next available pitch defined for the staff. Since there is only one available pitch defined (as you can see in the drum palette when in note input mode), all existing pitches will be changed to that. In the future, simply enter notes directly onto that staff, and all new notes will be at this pitch also.

Many thanks Marc, that was it. I originally wrote the whole thing as one piano stave and then realised I needed a separate part for the clap, copied piano and edited it. Looks like the clap copied pitches were A4 when they needed to be D#2.

For future debugging is there anyway to interrogate a percussion note to see it's pitch ?

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If it's part of the drumset definition, the name will show in the status bar, and then you can check the drumset definition to see the pitch. For notes not in the drumset definition, you could use the Piano Roll Editor (right-click staff to display that option), or just copy/paste the note to a pitched staff and check the status bar.

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