Time signatures

• Jul 29, 2022 - 22:13

Hi Musescore folk
Is there a way to put a time signature in brackets next to the main time sign. ?
e.g. 3/4 ( 9/8) like the 3rd movement of prokofiev 5 .?


Currently, the best way to do this is to "assemble" the second time signature from glyphs drawn from the Master Palette (Shft+F9)-->Symbols-->Time Signatures. It's a little cumbersome, but can be done. A few hints: 1) you may have to mess with the "Automatic Placement" check box in the F8 inspector to get things to sit right; and 2) When drawing glyphs off the Master Palette, make sure they match the font you are using (Leland, Emmentaler, etc.)--it isn't automatic, and if you don't, things just won't look quite right.

I've been considering constructing a tutorial on double time signatures--this post might spur me to do so.

Along those lines, when writing in 3/4(9/8) time, you will probably have to enter the groups of (three) eighth notes as triplets, then render the tuplet brackets invisible.

For a rough but readable approximation, you could just edit the text.

Right-click time signature > Time Signature Properties…
Appearance > Text > enter "3(9)"/"4(8)"

This of course gives you "3/4 (9)/(8)", which could be a workable stopgap depending on your needs. Shame there's nothing built in though.

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