Changing one or two letters in a font

• Oct 18, 2008 - 04:30

I'm trying to be correct in spelling on a composers name - particulary, this time, Dvorak.
The "r" and the "a" have little accent things above them.
I can go into "edit" the composer name by double clicking, then press F2 and it brings up the panel with some accented letters on it which includes the "a" as required but not the "r".
Is there any way to include the accented "r", say by using any of the other fonts I have on my computer.
I'm using Vista.


For occasional use I would recommend copying the name Dvořák from somewhere else (such as Wikipedia) and pasting it into your document.

Unfortunately Windows doesn't make it easy to type these characters. One way is to look up the alt code for the character you need.

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