Software upgrade idea

• Aug 8, 2022 - 05:47

I have a thought. First I have been using Finale 2009 for years and it has served me well. I also use muse score 3.6 in addition as it has different sound patches that I use for different songs. I have come to the conclusion that I am using muse score more often as it delivers a better sound than finale now 2014 even with Garitan sound banks. Yeah Team.

My thought. Is there a way to contact your programmers or whoever makes upgrades to the software to incorporate a button in the "MIXER" dialogue box either to the right or left of the Solo or Mute buttons that will "Clear All"

Example: If I select a string section (solo) to hear just them, then, I can click a CLEAR ALL button to deselect all those solo buttons that I have clicked and the same for mute buttons.

Just a thought. If it is possible that would be cool. If this is a good idea can someone please pass it along to the right folks if not well I gave it the old college try.

Thanks for listening. And keep up the good work.



Your idea certainly has merit, and I have created a Suggestion in the Issue Tracker:
#334131: Mixer: add a "Clear All" button to reset all Solo and Mute buttons to default (disabled)

There is also a draft Handbook page for the Mixer in the upcoming MuseScore version 4.0 which you might like to see:

MuseScore 4.0 is still a long way from release, and any change to the Mixer will not happen until some minor release after 4.0.

Indeed, these kind of controls could be nice.

Meanwhile, though, one simple solution is to just create a "part" for your different sections - e.g, in addition to the individual violin, viola, and cello, and bass parts, have an additional part that is all strings. Now you can hear just the strings easily, by simply clicking its tab. Same for woodwind and brass of course.

In MuseScore 4, you'll be able to solo a group of adjacent instruments by simply selecting a range and hitting play.

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