Open a MIDI file on Musescore

• Aug 10, 2022 - 00:30

I am new to Musescore and want to use it to convert MIDI files produced by me on other DAWs.
However, every time when I insert the main melody (instrument: piano) MIDI file onto Musescore, only a single stave is produced. The treble and bass clefs appear alternatively to fit the notes. How can I open two staves (treble and bass) at the same time while all notes are automatically placed?


MIDI wasn't meant for notation, so it lacks some of the fundamental information that would be required to capture information about which notes should go on which staff, as well as a lot of other fundamental notation. But, if you're careful to be sure to separate the RH and LH notes onto separate tracks within your DAW before exporting the file, that much at least should come through.

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