Having trouble finding a sf2, sfz, or free VST of on ophicleide

• Aug 12, 2022 - 23:41

I'm trying to find a decent-sounding ophicleide sf2/sfz/VST that I don't have to pay for, but I can't find one, so plz send me a link to one that I can download
(And before you guys reply, I know Ariana2001 has a soundfont that includes one, but the link keeps saying that it isn't available)


I have in theory the best free soundfonts on internet, becuase i saw avout 60 sites and reviewed about 400 sf2 and sfz. And I have about 120 GB not compressed of them with a a lot of choices. Now i can't send them but i Hope a the end of 2022.

It can also be called the large version of the Flugelhorn or the compact version of the serpent-Horn.
Later, Tuba (alto, tenor, bass) replaced this instrument and they are similar instruments in timbre.
Side information: It can also be mixed with double reeds, as it resembles the timbre of the bassoon instrument.

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