Fixed note spacing according to a given value

• Aug 13, 2022 - 13:56

As a musicologist and music theorist who has to compare a lot of scores, it would be really great if it were possible to define a fixed distance between the notes. For example, the fact that a sixteenth note is the unit of spacing. This makes it possible to stack several scores of different songs and to compare rhythmic placements, etc.
Sibelius has the Note Spacing plug-in (…) which does this. It would help so many musicologists, students and music theorists if this feature could be implemented in MuseScore.

I add an image of what the Sibelius plug-in looks like before and after being applied.

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This is already possible in the alpha version of MuseScore 4, available for testing now (see Announcement forum for the links). Just go to Format / Style / Measure and set the spacing ratio to 2. That means, each note value gets twice as much space as the next shorter one. At least, that's what I think your picture is showing. What you actually describe sounds rather different - a "fixed" distance would indicate all notes get the same distance regardless of duration. For that, use a ratio of 1.

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