"constructed meter" notation question [solved]

• Aug 14, 2022 - 17:00

Years ago, using MakeMusic's Finale software (which I'm migrating AWAY from), the first large-scale orchestral composition I created had this time-signature configuration, that I'll call "constructed meter":

4/8 + 3/8 (in many measures -- see attached graphic)

Finale didn't complain about this. I guess it is a semantic point, where "4/8 + 3/8" equals '7/8'. But at the stage of composer ability I was at then, "4/8 + 3/8" was far easier to manage from my perspective.

I can't seem to find if MuseScore 3.x allows this -- right?


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Thanks Shoichi... I tried it out right away. I thought changing one stave would change all the other staves. As we see in this graphic, I guess I'd have to change EVERY stave's assignment. Then I chose a quarter-note rest for the whole-note rest found in the flute part. ...to get to smaller durations in a measure.

Looks like MS breaks down my "8+4/8" constructed meter the same as "12/8". Once I change all the staves to "8+4/8", will MS show the smaller durations in a measure -- GROUPED as "8+4/8"? (Sorry if this is an awkward way of asking it.)

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If you'll need that confiruation a lot, consider adding it to your palette via Ctrl+SHift+drag. If you'll just need it this score and just at the start, you can use Ctrl+Shift+drag to add one customized time signature to the other staves. Still one at a time, but much faster than going to the properties dialog for each staff one by one.

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