Support for crank organ arranging - MIDI distance between equal notes checking/enforcing

• Aug 14, 2022 - 17:49

Hi all -

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maybe someone can help me, I do have a possibly extreme question about "Enforcing a minimum time (typically 1/15th of a second) between equal notes":

The scores for crank organs are exported as MIDI files (to be punched into paper; or played on a MIDI-capable crank organ). Because of the pneumatics or mechanics of such organs, it is necessary to separate two subsequent equal(!) notes by a specific amount (for a typical 20er organ, that would be about 4 mm; at a roll speed of typically 60 mm / second, that is 1/15th of a second). Two different notes can of course "touch" each other or even overlap.
Is there a way to force this distance into the MIDI file? Yes, I saw in the manual that the PRE allows for such finetuning; but this would, as far as I understand, have to be done note-by-note - I would hope that there is some "automation support" for such "minimum sound distancing" for all notes in an arrangment.

Thanks a lot!
Harald M.


The software for this job is definitely not Musescore.
Use a capable MIDI editing software (not a DAW). Maybe a software like Sekaiju can work, but it also needs a script extension so that the automatic control mechanism can work. Or it can be controlled manually by eye and hand.
In MIDI editors, the Event List Window shows the note on-off time in time format (H:M:S:S) also, but you have to either calculate and find the time between two notes yourself or write a script and run it.

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Thanks - I'd have guessed this :-) - but still, I wanted to ask - maybe someone had created some useable magic for this. I actually do have a (self-written, powerful) software for all this; but there are others who'd like to use MuseScore and nothing else (at least not my power-user, Java-based can-do-everything apparatus) - so I'm actually "asking for a friend" :-)


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Have you looked at APrint Studio? This can highlight when the holes of two consecutive notes are too close together. It can also play the tune using sounds recorded from a real organ. I've been arranging a few tunes for the 20 note Carl Frei scale, and test them using the Raffin 20 simulation.

Ian Dickinson

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