Option to use mouse and keyboard for navigatiion and entry?

• Aug 16, 2022 - 19:09

Including option to deselect the screen reader?


Indeed, we could use more information in order to answer your question. But I can give some general information already.

The current version of MuseScore 3.6.2 works with screen readers NVDA, JAWS, and Orca. NVDA works "right out of the box", but JAWS and Orca require you to install scripts via the Accessibility section of the Handbook.

The just-announced "alpha" pre-release of what will eventually become MuseScore 4 will support these and also Narrator and also VoiceOver, thus bringing MuseScore to blind users on macOS for the first time.

All versions of MuseScore both mouse and keyboard for navigation and entry of music. Some older versions (from more than two or three years ago) were more limited in their ability to music by keyboard, but all recent and future versions should allow virtually everything to be done by keyboard.

If you want to turn off your screen reader, most screen readers have the ability to do that by either mouse or keyboard, but you'd have to consult the documentation for your particular screen reader to learn how - neither MuseScore nor most other programs have any options to do that for you.

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Many thanks Marc. My bad. Of course -- screen readers come separately (!).
For me, Musescore is an invaluable find. On my 80th I thought I'd better move soon if I was ever to compose music (surely by now there was music notation software equivalent to those packages which had enabled me to edit photos and produce newspapers and magazines). When Musescore opened on my Linux Mint desktop I 'knew' this was a 'goer'. My natural mode is 'learn by doing'. And compose by playback is a 'natural' for one with a love of music and a serviceable pair of ears, but no music education, nor the skills to play an instrument.
I feel gratitude to the whole Musescore team for a great product and a treasure which generates new energy and enthusiasm in me every day.

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