swing feature

• Aug 17, 2022 - 07:28

I can't get swing to turn off for playback. format>style>swing>off does not do it. Setting swing on at 50% doesn't do it either.


If you really cannot track down the problem, try this:
1. Use File > Save As... to save your score as *.mscx format (Uncompressed MuseScore 3 File).
2. Open the *.mscx file in a plain text editor (on Windows: Notepad or Notepad++).
3. Search for text which denotes a Swing instruction: <swing unit=.../> - see XML example below.
4. Note the actual contents of the <text>...</text> element - which is "Swing" in the XML below.
5. Re-open the *.mscz file in MuseScore, and search for that text in your score. Delete the offending text.

            <swing unit="eighth" ratio= "60"/>

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