Adding text to designate voice, i.e. Tenor, Bass, Soprano, Alto.

• Aug 17, 2022 - 23:05

I have searched the User Manual unsuccessfully to find out how to designate the voice on the score. I have tried dragging and dropping from the Master Palette, but the system won't allow me to do that. I would love to simply be able to add a text box anywhere I might want but, again, cannot.

Any suggestions are much appreciated.


The staff names should display automatically without you doing anything, assuming you actually chose those when setting up the score. if you didn't, you can right-click the staff and go to Staff/Part Properties and use the Change Instrument button to set them correctly now. Or, if you used a templates that doesn't add names because their understood in that context, use the same dialog to add the names.

For things other that staff names, normally you'd add text as "staff text" - select a note, Ctrl+T. Or rehearsal mark, or tempo, or the various other types of text.

The master palette isn't meant for ordinary use; you should be using the regular palette. Also, drag & drop does work if you carefully drop onto a specific element, but it's usually way easier to just click the palette item after selecting the desired note(s).

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Good afternoon, Mr. Sabatella,
I downloaded Muse 4, which automatically coopted my Muse 3 score. Now when I try to print my score, the first page prints only the left half and it cuts off the bottom measures. I have tried everything I know to do to work around - it will not allow me to re-do it in Muse 3 so it can print properly. Any suggestions would be much appreciated, as I spent several hours on this and would hate to have to do it over. Thank you.

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Indeed, experimental "alpha" pre-release versions of software should never be relied upon for actual work - they exist for testing purposes only. So by all means, if you care to spend time helping test, we'd love if you report bugs you find (see the original announement where you downloaded the alpha for info on how to do that). But please don't rely on it for anything else!

Meanwhile, although you can't open MuseScore 4 files in MuseScore 3 directly, you can use File / Export to export as MusicXML and then open that in MuseScore 3. You may lose some formatting here and there, but the music itself should come through well

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Also, it sounds like you are saying you originally created the score in MuseScore 3? If so, then there should still be the backup copy of the score present. Also, most operating systems provide some sort of automatic cloud-based backup - for example, OneDrive on Windows - so you may be able to restore an earlier of the file that way.

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