Grouped grace notes in different staves

• Aug 18, 2022 - 21:57


I'd like to achieve the first screenshot below. I managed to get grace notes for the upper staff. But I can't get them in sequence AND add ties on the lower staff (second screenshot). I could select the chord on the lower staff and add grace notes but then they don't belong to the same group as the ones for the upper chord and can't add the ties.

Any ideas?
EDIT: Source (bar 7)



I managed to decipher the original :) This is the trick: the actual bar is 6/4 (I believe the + at the end indicates this). It has an invisible rest that is then filled by a tuplet on the other staff.

My bars are 2/2 and I have more notes, so they became 16th's, but I managed to achieve this :)

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