Errors when importing a MIDI file

• Aug 21, 2022 - 02:18

The notes in the attached MIDI file are all exactly correct in duration, but in measure 5 the note lengths are not rendered correctly. There is nothing but quarter, eighth and sixteenth notes, but Musescore renders it very oddly. If you play it it sounds correct. Is there some setting that might get it to render correctly?

In other music notation software I have tried this piece is displayed correctly.

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The algorithm with default settings actually runs a little amuck here ... but there is an easy solution: Switch off "qadruplets recognition" (or even all tuplet recognition), then press Apply:


Edit: Instead of playing with tuplet recognition, there's another, but quite non-intuitive solution: Reduce "Max. voices" to 2. Why this repairs the quadruplet phenomenon, I cannot fathom ...

However, there are still strange effects, e.g. the staccato minim (half note) in measure 2, instead of a simple crotchet (quarter). If you also deselect "Simplify durations" (and Apply), it's even nearer to the MIDI:


(MuseScore 4 has the same behavior; I'd say these are bugs - but the code of about 1500 LOC in importmidi_quant - not counting related files - is probably not for the faint of heart to understand easily ...).


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Thank you very much for discovering how to correct this behavior H.M. and good catch on the staccato minim; I hadn't noticed that misbehavior.

I don't know where to find these controls, so I hope you will tell me that as well:

Reduce "Max. voices" to 2.
Deselect "Simplify durations" (and Apply)

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